That i have contributed

TIO – Time in office


This is a simple mobile application that allows users to track their working hours in the office. It will remind the ideal working hours and minimum working hours per week based on initial values provided by the user.

Technologies:  Xamarin.Forms, SQLite, Syncfusion UI components

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FreedOM (Mobile POS Application)


FreedOM is a mobile POS application that developed using Xamarin.Forms.

Client: Dialog Axiata PLC.
Project status: Successfully implemented and under live operation at dialog outlets.

Dialog has reduced their counter queue length by providing service through the application. customers can change their SIM if the SIM lost, damaged. And also the application provide the device sales operation. customers can search mobile phones, tablets etc.

Technologies:  Xamarin.Forms, WebApi, Restful, MSSQL

UOC Online Payment System


A system for the University of Colombo, to process their payments through the internet. It allows the users to pay the various type of payments. It’s integrated with Payment gateway which owns by a leading bank in Sri Lanka.

Front-end technologies:  Angular 5, Restful API

Back-end technologies:  C# .Net, MSSQL

Zillione Insurance Broker System


Zillione insurance broker system is developed using Angular 5 and C#

Client: George Steuart PVT.
Project status: Successfully implemented and under live operation.

Technologies:  Angular 5 , Material Design

App Store Extension


An iOS App for search applications on the Apple App store. This is an academic project related to iOS development using XCode.

The application implemented using async methods and custom components development

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Simple machine learning script for predict stock price


This is a simple Linear Regression machine learning script for predict Samsung stock price for the next few days. With this project, covered many machine learning algorithms and concepts from simple to advanced level.

Data source :

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Finding uncommon places around current location


Developed an Ionic Hybrid application for locating uncommon places around the current location of the user. Basically, this project related to User experience engineering. So Studied about UI concepts and design according to the user experience.

ZHRMS (Zillione Human Resource Management System )


Developing an angular based cloud enabled web application for human resources management.

Frontend: Angular 1.6.4, Kendo UI
Backend: C#.Net, Entity Framework, MSSQL